Meet the team behind Prompt Pancake!

Jack Eliopoulos
Creator Of Brighten Base

As the key figure at Prompt Pancake, Jamie from South Australia embodies the innovative spirit essential to the platform's success. Combining a fervent interest in creative writing with expertise in database management and UI/UX design, Jamie has skilfully blended these domains to develop a resource that inspires and facilitates unique prompt creation for ChatGPT users. This passion stemmed from Jamie's early challenges in finding stimulating and diverse prompts, fostering a resolve to delve deeper into the realm of artificial intelligence and prompt engineering.

Anastasia Yang
Senior Director

Meet Anastasia, a rising talent in the world of Prompt Pancake. With a background in Business Management, Anastasia brings a fresh perspective to creating engaging prompts. Her ability to simplify complex ideas makes her an asset in crafting prompts that are both intriguing and accessible, appealing to a diverse range of ChatGPT users. Anastasia's approachable style and keen understanding of prompt dynamics make her contributions to Prompt Pancake particularly noteworthy.

Bianca Dimitriou
Editor & Marketing

Bianca is a dedicated storyteller in beauty and wellness, with notable experience as a reporter and editor for platforms like freevisuals and RCF Digital. Her expertise shines in exploring the realms of beauty and personal identity. She harbors a deep passion for skincare, appreciating its role in shaping the beauty industry. Based in Sydney, Bianca continues to make a significant impact through her exploration of beauty's role in personal identity. Her work reflects a unique blend of industry knowledge and personal insight.

Who We Are

Welcome to Prompt Pancake, your gateway to a world brimming with imaginative prompts for ChatGPT. Our mission is to deepen your understanding of prompt creation, providing a foundation for engaging with artificial intelligence. At Prompt Pancake, we guide you through the intricacies of each prompt type, from basic queries to complex scenarios. Our platform is a treasure trove of insights, showcasing the art behind every prompt. With transparency at our core, we share our methodology in curating and crafting prompts, ensuring you receive genuine, well-thought-out content for an enriching experience.